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Mission statement

Van Eeghem/OndernemingsAdvocaten (Business lawyers) stands for high-quality cooperative service that finds expression in sound and expert legal assistance, without losing sight of your objectives.

We put a high value on direct accessibility,a pragmatic approach and communication in understandable language. With genuine enthusiasm, we strive to look after your interests, support your activities, provide advice, answer your questions and assist you in your negotiations and legal proceedings.

We offer our services to companies, self-employed professionals and private individuals, on national and international level.

Van Eeghem/OndernemingsAdvocaten (Business lawyers) pools it’s experience in various sectors. We refer to the presentation of the various lawyers working in our law firm, with details of their special fields of expertise and practice. It all adds up to a team with a wide range of experience at the bar.

We value clear arrangements about fees and costs and favour prior agreements between lawyer and client. It is our wish to translate the modern approach to legal representation into practice, with due and proper attention to quality and style.

Serge Van Eeghem, Mieke Verplancke, Bernard De Meyer, Maarten Devreese, Melissa Bogaert