Our Rates

Proper agreements regarding costs and fees

Since January 1, 2014 all services offered by lawyers are subject to a VAT rate of 21 %. All rates mentioned on the website are VAT exclusive.

As we favour clear prior arrangements about fees and costs, we use individual agreements based on the model contract drawn up by the Flemish Bar Association. We would be pleased to discuss this model contract with you at our first meeting. 


In addition to case-related services, dealing with your case file also entails material costs.
The costs are determined based on general fixed costs but also variable office costs. Account is taken of the obligations incumbent on the lawyer (e.g. the obligation to keep documents entrusted to his care for up to five years after completing the assignment - Art. 2276a of the Civil Code). The costs are determined on an individual basis wherever possible.

The following items may be included in our statements of costs incurred:

opening a case file, archiving it, and eventually destroying it after five years (flat rate):           75,00 EUR
letters (cost per letter, subject to extra postage):           10,00 EUR
e-mails out (per message):             1,50 EUR
e-mails in (per message):             1,00 EUR
typing (per page):
(writs of summons, statements, contracts, etc.)
          10,00 EUR
registered letters:
(cost per item)
          20,00 EUR
(cost per copy)
            0,25 EUR
(per fax)
            1,50 EUR
(lump sum, taking account of the scope and term of the file)
use of court registry payment orders:
(cost per transaction)
            0,40 EUR
costs of bank transfer:
(per financial transaction)
            2,00 EUR
travel outside Ghent:
(cost per km)
            0,50 EUR
travel within Ghent: Parking fees or public transport fares  
Consult of external paid database           15,00 EUR

Finally, there are the judicial costs which your lawyer pays to a bailiff (costs of writ of summons, serving the writ and/or enforcing a court ruling, etc.) or to the court (case registration duties, costs of delivering an enforceable notice of a court ruling, etc.).

Lawyer's fees

Lawyer’s fees are always determined individually on the basis of the special features pertaining to the case you entrust us with. For instance, account is taken of the complexity of the case, the urgency of the requested intervention, and the specialisation of the lawyer whose assistance you request.
Please note that we charge a basic rate of €150/hour for time effectively spent on your case.